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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Thị giác máy tính thực tế với OpenCV và Python, Khóa học video miễn phí 8 dự án


Practical Computer Vision with OpenCV & Python, 8 Projects Free Video Course

Course Video Size : 1 GB High Quality Video Content

part 01


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Learn Practical Python OpenCV concepts and develop projects on completion of every module.


What you will learn from this Course:

  • Learn OpenCV with Python
  • 8 OpenCV Project
  • Image Processing with OpenCV
  • Image Translation
  • Smoothing Filters
  • Bitwise Operations and Masking
  • Convolution Process

Requirements for this Course:

  • Anyone who are beginner to Python


Welcome to “Picture Processing utilizing OpenCV from Zero to Hero” !!!

Picture Processing is one of the spaces of Data Science and has a wide assortment of utilizations in the ventures in the current world. Numerous ventures searching for a Data Scientist with these abilities. This course is totally project-based learning. Where you will do the venture after finishing of each module. Here I will cover the 

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