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Monday, November 15, 2021

Khóa học Giao dịch Cổ phiếu, Giao dịch Swing, Phân tích Kỹ thuật và Giao dịch trong ngày với Giám đốc điều hành

 Khóa học Giao dịch Cổ phiếu, Giao dịch Swing, Phân tích Kỹ thuật và Giao dịch trong ngày với Giám đốc điều hành

Insider Stock Trading, Swing Trading, Technical Analysis, & Day Trading w/ Hedge Fund CEO: Genuine Learning + Mentorship

Swing Trading Path to Profit Free Video Course

What you will learn from this Course:

  • Step-by-step, action-by-action » actually become a profitable trader & investor.
  • Genuine learning + trading + mentorship by rising Silicon Valley trading firm CEO.
  • Trading & Investing Bootcamp✧ –– See where + how to start trading in real life.
  • Thrive in the stock market » Apply the lessons – tools – mentorship to trade solo.
  • Invest in Winners! –– Pick first-class stocks with the ProfitProphet™ Checklist.
  • Upgrade your trading! –– Use the powerful tools we use to build profitable portfolios.
  • ✧LIVE✧ Trading Examples –– Watch Pros trade in real-time + build a stock portfolio.
  • Secure exclusive access –– My firm’s trade secrets + pro investors’ trading decisions

What you will learn from this Course:

  • Trust the process. Reap the benefits.


Here is What

I am Going to Show You + What You Will Be Able to Do:

  1. Stock + Stock Market – Basics: Master the fundamentals – All you need to think about stocks and markets.
  2. Exchanging + Investing – Basics: Get our exchanging agenda – The Checklist that fabricated my exchanging firm.
  3. Merchant + Investor – Basics: Go inside the productive broker’s brain – Psychology and market opinion.
  4. When – Where – What – How to Trade Stocks and Invest Like the Best: Execution!
  • When: Best occasions to exchange/contribute – When to purchase. When to sell. When to remain out.
  • Where: Pick and explore the product + stages where you will really purchase and sell stocks.
  • What: Trade and put resources into champs – Use a stock screener to channel through 5,000+ stocks and find

the best 10-12 tradable stocks.

  • How: Deploy the ProfitProphet™ Checklist – Holding the most significant exchanging investigation

devices and components to open benefits and limit hazards.

  1. Specialized Analysis: Master the specialized markers that matter – Master stock valuation.
  • Charting – Trends – Moving Averages – Support/Resistance – RSI – Volume – and that’s just the beginning!
  1. Candles: Foresee stock value w/clairvoyant like Candlestick Patterns + Anticipate the market.
  2. Moneymaking Candlestick Reversal Patterns: Guard benefits w/our information driven rundown of top examples.
  3. Send! Instruments – Skills – Lessons: Apply new devices + exchanging preparing to discover and survey the best stocks.
  4. LIVE Trading Examples + Stock Portfolio: Watch me exchange ongoing + Build a stock portfolio.
  5. Arrangement – Charting Platform: Tailor a diagramming stage for stock outlines, stock examination and following.
  6. YOU – Trade + Invest: Step-by-Step, go through the ProfitProphet™ Checklist to assess +

pick moneymaking stocks.

  1. Practice – Stock Market Simulator: Trade and put resources into the securities exchange without genuine cash.
  2. Abundance Management: Grow and deal with your elite stock portfolio.
  3. Classified Exclusive admittance to my exchanging association’s private instruments and assets.

Who this course is for:

  • Level 1 Novice Traders + Swing Traders + Investors –– Accelerate the learning process and go from novice to actual, profitable trader & investor.
  • Level 2 Apprentice –– Make trading & investing finally *Click* –– Profitably trade & invest in the real world.
  • Level 3 Intermediate –– Thrive in the stock market –– Apply the lessons – tools – mentorship to trade on your own + build a world-class stock portfolio.

Course content:

  • Introduction – ProfitProphet™ Swing Trading | Swing Trading Path to Profit
  • Stock Market Basics
  • stock Trading Basics
  • stock Evaluation-Stock Charts & Trends
  • stock Evaluation-Japanese Candlesticks
  • stock Evaluation-Top Candle Patterns
  • stock Evaluation-Morning Star
  • stock Evaluation-Three Outside Up
  • stock Evaluation-Bullish Separating Lines
  • stock Evaluation-Piercing Line

Course Video Size : 8 GB High Quality Video Content

part 01

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part 02

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part 03

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part 04

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