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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Share Free Course Mastering Excel 2019 - Advanced Full Google Driver Link


Share Free Course Mastering Excel 2019 - Advanced Full Google Driver Link

What you will learn:

  • Keep your data consistent and accurate with Data Validation and automate tasks with Macros.
  • Use multiple worksheets and workbooks to track, retrieve, consolidate and report on data using features like cell links, Group Mode, 3D Reference formulas, and Consolidate.
  • Collaborate with others using Comments, Track Changes, Sharing, Co-Authoring, and Compare and Merge.
  • Quickly find and address errors in your formulas with Tracing, Evaluate Formula, and the Watch Window, as well as add error handling with the IFNA and IFERROR functions.
  • Prepare a document for sharing by checking for accessibility and sensitive information, as well as multiple ways to protect your worksheets and workbooks from changes.
  • Perform complex calculations by developing a deep understanding of Excel’s Lookup functions like VLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX.
  • Visualize geographic data with Map Charts and 3D Map Tours.
  • Use your data to plan and forecast trends and explore a variety of outcomes based on variables and scenarios.

Course duration: 4.5 hours

Capacity: 2.94 GB

The course has a very high rating (4.5/5)


Link Download:


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