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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

[Free ebook Download]Excel VBA Bundle (2 Books): Excel VBA and Macros and 51 Awesome Macros by Philippe A. Louis PDF update 2020

[Free ebook Download]Excel VBA Bundle (2 Books): Excel VBA and Macros and 51 Awesome Macros by Philippe A. Louis PDF update 2020



Get two Book with awesome discount

Excel - 51 Awesome Macros: Save Time and Be More Productive

In order to take your productivity to the next level, you need to apply the power of Excel Macros. Inside this book, you'll get all information you need to save time and explore new functionalities in Excel with ready-to-use VBA Codes.

Inside the book:
- Provides an explanation of how implement macros
- Send a full email model with attachment with a single click of mouse
- Automatically creates PowerPoint presentation
- Save the same file in multiple directories
- Automatically adjust chart Labels
- Macros to protect the Spreadsheet with login and password
- Control the users who access the spreadsheet.
- And much more…

Excel VBA and Macros: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners

If you want a book that uses a systematic and easy approach, complete with numerous examples and full projects, then this book is for you. The goal of this book is help you how to automate your tasks and create custom applications using VBA programming language without thousands of boring pages. This book is a fast lecture, which allows you to start coding since the first chapter. No prior programming knowledge is required.

The book starts exploring the necessary aspects to master Excel resources with simple codes. These simple commands cover: make selections, do copy and paste, apply number formatting, insert formulas and many other aspects, which has a direct relation between commands and excel interface. With these basic instructions section you are able to automate reports just creating simple routines.
In the second part of this lecture, the approach is about VBA programming logic, where is possible to understand the variables, logical statements, repeating cycles, User Forms, and all sorts of advanced resources. In order to facilitate the learning process, the book counts with wide variety of examples to explain each concept including full projects at the end.
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