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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

[Free ebook]Excel Manual: The All-In-One Guide to Learn & Master Microsoft Excel

[Free ebook]Excel Manual: The All-In-One Guide to Learn & Master Microsoft Excel



Product Description

If you're looking for a "special souse" to improve your skills in Excel, but never found it before, then you may be interested in this guide. First, however, I need to know: Does any of these sound familiar?

1. I have a corporate job where I'm crunching numbers in Excel. However, it takes me lots of time to process the data into meaningful reports, so I wish I could know how to automate these processes.
2. I use Excel in both business and life, but I would like to know more useful tools and features for quick analysis of information in order to get ahead in all my endeavors.
3. I'm just getting started, and I want to learn Excel as faster as possible but don't know where to start and what information to focus on.

If one of these resonates with you, then, probably, this book is what you need.
Nowadays, there's so much information out there that it may easily get you confused and, as a result, stop you from moving forward. That's why I've created the All-in-one Excel Manual. This book will walk you through all the necessary steps to learn and improve your skills in Excel. It reveals the most efficient features, formulas, and tools that you should use to benefit both in work and in business. Nevertheless, if you don't feel like being engaged in the learning process and get yourself to practice along the way, then don't waste your time and money on it.

The Excel Manual will guide you through the next steps:

Step 1 gives you insights into some of the Excel basics, such as relative and absolute cell references, as well as how you should properly use them.
Step 2 reveals some of the most effective keyboard shortcuts that you should know to do your work faster and more efficiently.
Step 3 is where we'll get to know Excel Toolbar ribbon and cover its must-to-use features and functions.
Step 4 takes you through the most important formulas you may need. Additionally, you'll get tips and tricks on how you can apply these formulas in different situations.
Step 5 is a practical Example. This final exercise serves as a training machine to help you improve your "Excel mindset" by putting the knowledge into practice. Together, we will build a dynamic chart, automated reports, pivot tables, and more.

This Manual also includes an Excel Workbook that I've prepared for you. It has built-in automated reports, dynamic graphs, and pivot tables. Along the way and step by step, I will
take you behind the scene to show how you can do it yourself.

About the Author

Kyrylo Iakovlev is a novice author, but he's determined to help other people learn Excel and always goes extra miles to produce a good quality work. That's why he decided to create the step-by-step guide believing that people can benefit from it in life by automating many routine processes and tasks at work.

Features & details

Product Details

  • Publication date: February 29, 2016
  • Publisher: Kyrylo Iakovlev
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01CEETR58
  • Amzon.com Sales Rank: 1056957

About the author

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Kyrylo Iakovlev
Kyrylo can be characterized as a person who has good knowledge in Microsoft Excel with a unique approach towards creating automated and user-friendly reports. He has repeatedly showcased the ability in his professional career, in corporate finance. His skills were built not in days but years through working experience and trial-and-error learning process. Kyrylo's background is in business economics and finance. His passion translates into self-development and education that're true components of success. And he believes that the Excel Guide can help you on the journey of learning and improving skills in Excel, either you're just a beginner or an intermediate user. This guide is essential for everyone who have to work in the spreadsheet.

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